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Corrective movement / move well assessment

Achieve your very best, maintain movement efficiency and avoid injury. A prehabilitative approach to wellness.

Corrective movement / Move well assessment


- Do you have an ongoing 'niggle' or constant muscle tension?
- Are you in good physical condition but want to do more?
- Do you feel that you don't 'move' as well as you used to?
- Are you preparing for a race or competing in a sport?
- Have you noticed any changes to your movement patterns?

Let us help you achieve your very best, maintain movement efficiency and avoid injury. We will identify imbalances and use the results to design effective exercise and training programs alongside self-help massage techniques; reducing muscular dysfunction and helping you to move, feel and live better.

An assessment involves:

- A comprehensive assessment of your movement patterns
- Intervention using a range of soft tissue massage and remedial techniques
- An assessment of the effectiveness of the intervention techniques
- A personalised, simple to follow home exercise program which can then be used as a pre-exercise warm-up.

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