Hertford Physiotherapy

32 St Andrew Street, Hertford, SG14 1JA 01992 586659

Community Rehabilitation Service

Our work in the community is really important to us. We know that we support people of all ages and help improve lifestyle. There is a need to grow and develop the service whether it is provided at the patients home or wherever else they may be residing, for example in respite in a nursing or residential home.

Our aim is to develop and provide a comprehensive rehabilitation service for patients including:

elective orthopaedic surgery such as total knee replacement or total hip replacement, recent fracture with or without surgery such as fractured neck of femur, recent hospital admission resulting in decreased level of mobility and function, recent or recurrent falls, gradual decline in mobility resulting in decreased functional ability and confidence. If able, patients would then be encouraged to attend at St Andrew Street.

Each patient will receive a full comprehensive assessment with an appropriate outcome measure. This will ensure treatment is totally relevant and appropriate to the individual's needs. A discharge report will be written at end of intervention as is the case throughout Hertford Physiotherapy.

This service development is being led by Louise Kirtley. From 2007 Louise has specialised in community rehabilitation including post-operative rehabilitation, falls prevention of falls and hospital admission, orthopaedics and a special interest in neurological rehabilitation. She has also recently returned to working in Paediatric care.