Hertford Physiotherapy

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Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy

Sports injuries affect people of all ages and are one of the commonest causes of referral to our practice.

We introduced two Sports Massage Therapists, Kirsty Birnie and Dan Robinson in August 2017 as an integrated part of our service. Kirsty has a special interest in pre and post-natal massage therapy and is already helping patients in need of this care and support. She will work with Judy in the development of our Women’s Health Practice.

Dan is working closely with our clinic based physiotherapists. There is a team approach of cross referral so we can ensure the patient receives the right care from the right professional.

Our sports massage service will be consistent with our philosophy of being here for all. Anyone suffering with muscular aches and pains could benefit from regular massage treatment to reduce muscle stiffness and realign imbalances.