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Why you should make an appointment with Dan - our Corrective Exercise and Sports performance specialist. Call 01992 586659

New Year, new you. Help yourself to move well and move often by seeing our Corrective movement and Sports performance enhancement specialist.

Why you should make an appointment with Dan - our Corrective Exercise and Sports performance specialist.


It’s a new year and perhaps you have decided to take up a new sport or activity. Or, you may already be exercising but want to ramp up the intensity. Do you have a recurring injury, niggle, soreness or tightness in your muscles, or simply noticed that your range or quality of movement isn’t as it once was? Does your lifestyle or work life lead you to develop postural imbalances? If so, you could benefit from taking a prehabilitative approach to your fitness and well-being; keeping you stronger, healthier, moving better and staying pain and injury free for longer.
Although we are usually unaware of it; we all develop compensatory movement patterns due to injury, muscle weakness and lifestyle factors. Even using laptops and phones, wearing high heels and carrying heavy bags can change the way that we move and lead to overuse of certain joints. This in turn can lead to pain, injury and dysfunction.
It may be worth investing some time with an expert to assess your posture, quality, range and pattern of movement. The assessment will help you to understand where you are now, what the issues may be, what the root cause is and how to put it right before you develop pain or an injury.
The initial assessment will be led by you. Dan will talk to you about any issues, injuries or pains that you may have, what goals you are trying to achieve and your lifestyle factors that may be affecting your alignment and posture. He will perform examinations and functional tests, and ask questions to help him to understand your personal movement system.
Following the assessment, Dan will use a range of soft tissue therapy, massage and remedial techniques, and corrective exercises to help realign the muscle imbalances. You will then be provided with a specific personalised yet simple to follow exercise program for you to follow at home. This program can then be used as a warm-up before starting any physical activity.
Seeing a corrective exercise specialist will provide you with strategies to minimise the risk of pain and injury by using a tailored combination of correction and strengthening. If required, Dan can cross refer you to one of our physiotherapists, or recommend a number of additional treatments including Sports massage, Pilates or personal training.
Most importantly you will come away with an improved understanding of your own movement patterns and an awareness of any areas of weakness. You will have the tools to enhance your performance at your chosen sport or activity and make your workout more effective. Prehabilitation rather than rehabilitation.