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Avoiding Falls Part 1: Heel Raises

October 1st is ‘Older Peoples Day’– However, every day should be Older Peoples day not just one day a year!

Avoiding falls Part 1

Over the next two weeks we are posting a series of exercises and guidance that older people often find helpful prepared by one of our physiotherapists, Dorothy Toyn. From personal experience, I can tell you that they are helpful for people of all ages.

Dorothy advises:

There is a myth that falls are part of getting old. Around 1 in 3 adults living at home will have at least one fall a year, often more. ‘Help the Aged’ reported that an older person has a 50% probability of having their mobility seriously impaired after a fall…

The Truth is that the risk of falls decreases with one simple thing – EXERCISE.

All you need is a good support like a chair or kitchen worktop, a good pair of shoes and a little time each day. Over the next 2 weeks I will show you an exercise each day, and give you other useful information, Using this simple programme of 6 exercises, two or three times a week – daily if you wish to - which we hope will help you soon notice improvement in your co-ordination and balance.